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About Supplements LLC

Company was founded in 2017 year with idea to bring high quality supplements in Georgia. Initially we ware focused on distribution, with our value added services like financing of partner orders, return products with small expiration date, quick delivery and everything what made possible to become trusted partner for many well established fitness clubs in Georgia. After fast growing in distribution we introduce in 2019 our eCommerce platform, online shop, SupShop.GE with easy intuitive interface, with free delivery services around the Georgia and secure payment with credit card, provided by TBC Bank, UFC payment system.

For Investors

If you are interested in investing in health and sports nutrition business and would like to become a part of the company or simply invest in one of the fastest growing areas of healthy nutrition and vitamins, we would be happy to welcome you to our company. The company, founded in 2017, showed a high and rapid grow, occupied the niche of servicing major sports clubs, also thanks to the success of the distribution direction, entered retail sales by launching an online store in 2019 year. We work with all modern cloud technologies, from call center communications to warehouse software and eCommerce retail platform, a modern technology company 100% cloud native.


Our Core Team

Our founders have huge working experience in various companies, from SMB and financial institutions to corporations (DHL, Microsoft) and founding and investing in startups, businesses in various fields.

You can read more about our founders experience on LinkedIn:

CEO, Founder, Nana Lekiashvili

Co-Founder, Arman Obosyan

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